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Smart data harvesting is an excellent way to rapidly increase your company’s competitive advantage regardless of its size. We support companies willing to learn and develop a data-driven culture.


Your data requires intelligent analysis. The widespread, groundless belief that artificial intelligence is only for the giants, causes it to be avoided by SMEs. Irrespective of your organisation’s size, our goal is to inspire and present how to get spectacular results from data by using simple AI methods, quickly and easily.


Only investment in innovation can multiply your competitive edge. We prove that even a small company can build intelligent solutions and revolutionise its business.


Much of the analysis and decision-making can happen automatically owing to data science and machine learning methods. Developing customised machine learning methods will significantly accelerate work and reduce the costs of implementing processes.

Tailor-made tools

Standard solutions can be cheaper, but they are not fully adapted to the needs of the company, tasks or users. Sometimes even a small, dedicated system can significantly reduce costs and speed up processes.


We design and develop systems for data collection and analysis, such as specialised web and cloud solutions, mobile applications, business intelligence tools and management panels.

AI and Data Science

We are experts in the field of creating and implementing AI solutions for text and data analysis of financial and legal documents, medical, commercial, e-commerce and scientific data.


The best toolchain for
text document analysis

By developing innovative, original methods of analysing English and even extremely difficult Polish content, we are a leader in processing even very complex documents, such as: legal acts, financial reports, scientific articles, contracts, news and correspondence.

Search content

Intelligent contextual search finds not only rigid keywords but above all content with variable meaning (paraphrases).

Text interpretation

Advanced understanding of unstructured documents finds analogies and similarities in content that seemingly differ from one another.

Automated insertion

Automated insertion of missing data into documents using downloaded information from the Internet or local files.

Contracts Verification

Automatic verification of contracts enables immediate control of tasks and budget.

Correspondence classification

Automatic analysis of e-mails forwards messages to the right people or departments.

Data science

Automatic analysis of extracted data from financial or legal documents.

Success in numbers

We measure our success by decreasing project time and improving accuracy compared with manual processes.

Case study: A customer required a dedicated system for automated analysis and intelligent contextual search of financial reports. Compared with traditional methods, our solution:
Reduced project time
Increased average search accuracy
Delivered cost savings increased
User satisfaction



ABSL Diamond 2018

Award in the category: Talent Development & Education


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